Renewable energy production systems are the most optimal and profitable alternative in the market, aside from saving money you will you will contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet

— Supernova Solar Development Team

The most intelligent formula

Both for your company, industry or home, self-supply is today the most optimized solution to produce energy, savings can vary between 25 and 40% in energy cost.

Tax Benefits

Save 50% of the IBI payment over your property installing energy self-supply solutions.


Our team will analyze your case and provide process, incentives or subsidies help that is available.

Trust your project to someone who can efficiently manage it

The ample experience of Supernova Solar is solid and provable, we have been building installations for over 10 years with more than 300 installed MW and our knowledge is your peace.


Our self-supply solutions not only pay themselves but they also make you save money starting the first day of the installation.


Aside from saving money you will contribute to the energy change the world is heading to and that is now unstoppable.

Request your energy savings study to our technical team

Verify how interesting economic savings figures are and the energy efficiency data, help the environment, our solutions can contribute to that.